Free consultations in accountancy who are Ukrainian refugees

Hello! My name is Liene Bērziņa and I have decided to use my spare time to help Ukrainian refugees to get through the labyrinths of regulation of accountancy in Latvia. I am giving free consultations to Ukrainian refugees about this specific subject. If you want to contact me please send us an email to or just call us (+371)29397463.  We can communicate freely in Russian, Latvian and although i am not fluent in English feel free to contact in English as well.

Free consultation to pupils and students who are Ukrainian refugees

I work as an accountant for 28 years but I have a degree in Pedagogy (Math teacher) and Economics. For several years I have worked as a mathematics teacher in High School and I have been giving a lot of individual consultations in math. I would be glad to help you.  If you want to contact me please send me an email to or just call me (+371)29397463.